Wednesday, March 17, 2010

blueee :)

Had the Nike show last nighttt :D and I sucked BALLS! seriously! WORST SHOW I HAVE EVER DONE! I messed up like madness and i feel SO baddd :S I'm REALLY sorry to everyone! But everything and everyone else was AMAZING though :) SO much fun :D

anyways! This is a TOTALLY quick little post...Just so my blog isn't dead *note,my new year's resolution :)

Okay,SO! I'm currently really really into lomography and lomo cams :) and they are like the most amazing thing EVER! the pictures are just beaaaauuutttifffuulll! And when i get one,I will TOTALLY TOTALLY show u people :) but for now,i shall not bother searching for lomo pics,'cause I'm just too damned lazy xD buahahah!

okie dokes,getting tireeeeddd! till next time :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


sorry for the lack of updates and blogs :S I've just been extremely busy (not joking,believe it or not) and also i;ve nothing to update u on? :D umm,aside from the fact that i have new classmates! :D i shall introduce them to you just as soon as i get decent pictures with or of them :) They're little dolls i swear! I just love them tobits and pieces :) oh and guess who sits beside me now :)


(the one with the amazingly long legs :p )

and since when sit in rows of 4,the one next to huee wen issss


Worst combo u can put together :) we talk NON-STOP all the way! :) and I LOVE IT!
and if u think thats bad? heh,the new girls in class aka xin yi,jamie,jen nee,sabrina and bernice are just as noisy as us and they sit behind us! and both rows talk on and on and on all day! :DDD

*note,SORRY! all pictures of sarah,nattasha and huee wen were stolen frm Facebook :S 'cause i'm blogging from daddy's as u can pictures here ==

ANYWAYS! Form 4 is AMAZINGLY------- hard! and not to mention tiring! ==

i constantly feel like thwacking myself in the head! seriously! and I've been studying like MADNESS! I mean,it's crazy..i've never studied so much in my life! honestly! But I must say,as much as it is a drag,class is pretty fun :) Like,a week before the march hols,me and Sha were counting the days till the holidays started,and now? I'm counting the days till it ENDS! zzomg! Such a bore! :( anyways! E.T is playing on HBO now :) so I'm off! toodles! :DD

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I hate lame nicknames


hellooo! :) Sorry i haven't blogged much..Been as lazy and as busy as a something that is busy and lazy xD Umm,nothing much... Quick blog... Hmmm,where to start? Oh,I broke one of my new year's resolutions... I failed add math. HAH! pssshht! Next test it is :) other than that,everything is about as boring as it can be..TONS of homework! I go to school,to sleep and do homework..NOT to learn == bleh.. I think I need to go to an International School :pppp Prolly be awake the WHOLE day! :ppp hahaha! :) anyways,I have nothing to say to you people...since this blog is already so dead. And I'm emo-fied sh** now,so yah..bye :)

AND HELLO THERE CHAN WEI TUCK! (if u do actually read this)

Monday, January 4, 2010

new years

hello mellow! :) the new year's is hereeee :DD so,HAPPY NEW YEARSSSS :DDDD

ADRIAN IS BACCCKKK :DD SO MUCH FUN! umm,went for the New Years countdown thing at the Topicana Clubhouse :DD It was pretty fun.. :) A bit of a drag the first 3/4 haha! The fun REALLY started when it was ending..haha! like,umm,45 minutes to an hour before it ended :) when the dj came on :DDD the food was alright :) not too badd :) wayy better than last year :DD

Siok Yen jie and Hui Yin :) Tropicana's next top models..LOL! :p

Hui Yin and I :)

Adrian,Siok Yen jie and Hui Yin

Drian and I

Drian and Jin! :D aren't they so adorable? :p

Hui Yin,Siok Yen jie,and Felicia Jie (fe jie :D)

after that was KAYU! mamak for those of you who don't know the family lingo :p and guess.who.i.bumped.into.there.
SHMAETOCK! :D aka Shana Mae aka,Shana Tock,aka Shana :DD haha! And we also bumped into Weng Hong *ehem* :p haha but nevermind that :DD

and when by the time we got home it was like,3 ++ am? :DD and i couldn't sleep after that! HAH! so i hung around at home after all the hype till like,4-5 am..nyahaha! :P

Nyways! :D I list down my new year's resolutions EVERY YEAR -whether it's on pieceof paper stuck my visionboard,or just jotted down in my mind :) - But this year i COMPLETELY forgot! LOL! so here i am,REMEMBERING to list it down :DD

1)Start saving moneyyyyy a little moreee :D
2)Be a MUCH better cheerleader :)
3)Gain a little muscle :) -mentally,phsically,and emotionally
4)Be a better me? :p
5)To NOT fail ANY SUBJECTS! I REFUSE to fail!
6)To eat more healthily *note: MORE.not COMPLETELY xD
7)Hold no grudges babyyyyyy
9)Blog more often :p
10)To not be so darned lazy!

:))) there u go! More pictures from the new years to comeee :) And defo more blogging! :DDD

on a very sad noteeee...Adrian is going back in a few days timeeee :'(((( >.< this SUCKS! And i have SCHOOL in the way????!? So I can only see him next at the end of the year,or next year :'(((( Chinese New Year is gonna be pretty boring..haaa....

p.s: science stream is freaking stressful man! gah! Aint that a b****h

anyhoo! till next time lovessss :DDD toodledooooo :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

PMR results

hello! :) Just to let you know,I got 4 As 3Bs for my PMR :)) i WAS bummed out,but Maggie totally made me feel SO much better! Like she said,what's there to be bummed out about? Reward yourself! :)

awww! ILY magster! :p So i won't focus on what i DID'NT get...Instead,I'm focusing on what i DID get! :D and iwas bummed 'cause everyone else was celebrating and I wasn't....but after talking to 'magalene' lim xD i decided, heck! Who said I can't celebrate too??? I mean,I'm living,breathing,normal,healthy,I got 4-freaking-chunted-As for PMR!,and I got Bs instead of anything worse for the other 3 subjects! Pretty damn awesome to me :) SO! Anyone wanna go celebrate with me?? :p 'Cause I'm pretty damn happy about it :) Although it looks like I'm not going to Sri Kdu..what the heck right? Not so fortunate,and I'm a little bummed about that..But! ah wells! :D just not meant to beee :D what ever will be,will be :) If it happens,it happens! Every thing is planned by the MIGHTY man up there :) I know he wants the best for me and whatever occurs,will just lead to something better :) kay then! I think I'm gonna go take a nap now xD toodles! :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CHEER JAM invitation!

s'up? (!) well,i promised you a CHEER JAM post.And a CHEER JAM post i will give! haha!

Dear all,
The one and only Malaysian cheerleading camp is back BIGGER and BETTER than before! Cheer Jam' 09 will run for THREE WHOLE DAYS instead of last year's ONE and a HALF day! You may get the registration forms and the CHARM membership forms -in case any of you would like to sign up as a member as well- from me :) Should you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me via email or contact Marcus at

All details are in the forms.
We have a new class for Pee Wee kids from age 8 to 12 and we are also providing an option for those who cannot afford the 3 day camp to attend a one day camp.
Prices and details are in the forms. Please note that those registering with a team more than 10 people will enjoy a 10% discount whereas CHARM members can enjoy a 15% discount!!!

CHEER JAM is a REALLY great way to learn a whole bunch of new and exciting things involving (of course) cheerleading! :) We have coaches from ICU ( INTERNATIONAL CHEER UNION..NOT intensive care unit..) :) who are well experienced and are way too much fun! :) We'll give many courses from stunts,to tumbling,to jumps,to cheer and chants,even to outfit designs! - and of course many moreee! :) to view some of the pictures and videos from last year's CHEER JAM u can go to my previous posts... Here and here haha :) sorry i couldn't just upload them right here again..But I'm using a new computer and i don;t have those pictures with me haha :) and I don't have much time to download em' from my previous posts :) so I'M SOO SORRY! haha..

Oh! And for u darlings' information,there will be a CHEER BAZAAR there!! :D We'll be selling a variety of things...Yes,cheer things are sold there..and so are tons of other stuff! :D so! Remember to bring $$$$ when u come okay? xD i'm sure u'd be buying at least one item! :D And if you'd want to raise funds or if you just want to make a little extra $$ u too can set up your stall at our bazaar! :D

During this year's Cheer Jam, we will be hosting our very first Cheer Jam Bazaar! We are currently accepting applications for the bazaar (available from me.) - You may get it from me by yet again,by contacting me via email! :) - Take this opportunity to raise funds for your school team! If you are interested in participating, please fill out and send back the application form. Applicants will receive confirmation of acceptance within 48 hours.
If you are not interested in participating, remember to bring $$$$ in case you see anything that you'd like to buy! :)

To secure a spot at the Cheer Jam Bazaar, please include a refundable RM50 per day deposit upon confirmation of acceptance.

As the crowd for this bazaar will only be participants of Cheer Jam 2009, we will not be charging rental, but instead will retain 10% of your sales as rent! :D. As a vendor, you will receive 90% of the price that you write on the sales form. CHARM will retain 10% of your sales as rent.

We will be providing one (1) table and two (2) chairs for vendors. Vendors will also be provided with one(1) receipt book. Vendors are to present the receipt book and at the end of the day upon collection of deposit.

We will be accepting applications until the 14th of December 2009!

Dates: 17th, 18th, 19th December 2009
Time: 11am-5pm
Venue: Akademi Pengajian Melayu, Universiti Malaya.
Rates: 10% of total sales
Deposit (to be refunded at the end of the day): RM50 per day you wish to reserve.

If interested, please fill out and return the form to Magdalene Lim ( before the 14th of December to confirm a spot at the Cheer Jam Bazaar!

So!! That's about all i have to tell you about CHEER JAM for nowww :) Remember to come okay? Try your VERY BEST to come! :) If not u WILL - i repeat- WILL regret it! For u'd be missing out on a TON of stuff!

So guys lets make Cheer Jam 2009 a big success!!!!

Thank you everyone!! :) BE SURE THAT YOU COME! :D

P.S : it is NOT a stay over camp! Meaning u come when it starts in the morning,leave when it ends in the evening,and do the same thing for the next few days :) GRACIAS! that is all! Have a nice dayyy! :)